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fub-amb for sale at TLC; the best place to buy research chemicals online. FUB-AMB is classified as an indazole. FUB-AMB is based on an indazole core structure, where the 1- and 3-positions of the indazole ring system are substituted. The 1-position of FUB-AMB is substituted with a 4-fluorobenzyl group. The 3-position is substituted with an amide linker,and the nitrogen atom (N) of this linker is further substituted with a 1-methoxy-3-methyl-1-oxobutan-2-yl group. It is one of the absolute most well known research synthetics accessible available today. FUB-AMB for sale is otherwise called AMB-FUBINACA. FUB-AMB is an indazole-based engineered cannabinoid. FUB-AMB is known by scientists to be an intense agonist for the cannabinoid receptors. To the extent the manufactured cannabinoids go, FUB-AMB is one of the more strong ones.

Licit and Illicit uses of fub-amb

There are no commercial uses for this designer drug though it is been used in lab for research and educational purposes. FUB-AMB for sale has been encountered in numerous synthetic cannabinoid products that are smoked for their psychoactive effects. The effect of this drug on the human population isn’t wee known though there have been some deaths around east Asia related to the consummation of this drug.

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FUB-AMB for sale


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