ProName: HEX-EN, NEH, Hexedrone CAS No: 18410-62-3
Molecular Formula: C14H21NO Appearance: White crystalline granules or powder
Application: Research Purpose Delivery Time: 3days
Package: Aluminum foil bag packaging Port: China
Production Capacity: 100 Kilogram/Week Purity: 99.9%
Storage: A cool,ventilated,dry place Transportation: Deliver by EMS;DHL;FEDEX;UPS;TNT
Limit Number: 5Gram Molecular weight:


Brief overview

Buy hexen crystals online at top legal cannabinoids. N-Ethylhexedrone (otherwise called α-ethylaminocaprophenone, N-ethylnorhexedrone, hexen and NEH) is an energizer of the cathinone class. N-Ethylhexedrone was first referenced in a progression of licenses by Boehringer Ingelheim during the 1960s which lead to the improvement of the better known medication methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). Since the mid-2010s, N-ethylhexedrone has been sold online as an originator drug

Hexen crystals As a research substance

Ethyl-hexedrone (otherwise called n-ethyl-hexedrone and hexen) is an energizer research synthetic having a place with the cathinone gathering. Ethyl-hexedrone’s incitement is accepted to be brought about by its proclivity as a NDRI (norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor); notwithstanding, there have been no logical examinations affirming this.

Ethyl-hexedrone is firmly identified with hexedrone, with an additional ethyl-bunch on the carbon chain containing the nitrogen. This expansion makes it about 3x as powerful as hexedrone.

Origin of hexen crystals

Ethyl-hexedrone was first orchestrated in 2011, yet got known in the exploration substance market during late 2015. Little examination exists about ethyl-hexedrone and its parent compound hexedrone. All dose data found on the web should be treated with alert.

Ethyl-hexedrone is a subbed cathinone, which implies that it includes a phenethylamine center with an alkyl bunch connected to the alpha carbon and an oxygen bunch appended to the beta carbon. Cathinones are beta-ketone analogs of amphetamines.  Legal cannabinoids drug profile.


Ethyl-hexedrone can be contrasted with the greatly improved known pentedrone. Hexedrone is a chain broadened rendition of pentedrone. Augmentation of the carbon chain as a rule brings about less strength. Nonetheless, the expansion of the ethyl gathering to hexedrone expands its intensity altogether. This likewise prompts the end that ethyl-pentedrone would bring about a considerably more intense compound. Buy hexen crystals online Pharmacology

Because of the absence of exploration with respect to the substance, all conversation in regards to its pharmacology is absolutely founded on its structure and emotional impact similitudes to other cathinones, for example, mephedrone and others. Ethyl-Hexedrone doubtlessly goes about as both a dopamine and norepinephrine delivering specialist or reuptake inhibitor. This permits dopamine and norepinephrine to amass inside the cerebrum, bringing about invigorating and euphoric impacts. Shop with us today

Abstract impacts of hexen

The impacts recorded beneath depend on the emotional impacts list and individual encounters of PsychonautWiki givers. The recorded impacts will once in a while (if at any point) happen at the same time, yet heavier measurements will build the odds and are bound to incite a full scope of impacts.

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