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TLC is the number one platform to buy gamma-butyrolactone online. Available in both liquid and powder form.


It is also known by it’s product name as gbl and has a CAS number 96-48-0. It is a versatile cyclic ester that has a wide range of applications. GBL is mostly employed to produced derivatives of other chemicals rather than single usage. GBL is also a popular solvent in several cosmetic products. The need for buy gamma-butyrolactone online in industries throughout North America is significant. Other synonyms to  gamma-butyrolactone include BLO, Butyrolactone, gamma Butyrolactone, GBL. The INCI is butyrolactone with the chemical formula being C4H6O2.

Characteristic of gamma-butyrolactone

As people seek to buy gamma-butyrolactone online it’s important they understand certain characteristic. It is a colorless liquid in appearance and has no odor. Jbl for sale It is soluble in water  with an overall density of 1.13 g/cm³. It boils at 400.3°F and freezes at -47°F. It has a molecular weight of 86.1g/mol. Its weight per gallon amounts to 9.4208 lbs/gal and its of the class Lactone, Non-HAP Solvent, Solvent. gamma-butyrolactone for sale

Uses and applications for gamma-butyrolactone

Gamma-Butyrolactone uses include agricultural chemicals, batteries, electronics, flavors, foundry, fragrances, ink solvent, leather processing, pharmaceuticals, photochemical etching, photographic, polyurethanes, solvent, urethanes, wood preservative. for the following uses.

buy gamma-butyrolactone online

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