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Brief overview

At we specialize in the sales of high purity chemicals of various categories; research chemicals such as cannabinoids, cathinone, benzodiazepines pharmaceutical intermediates, anabolic steroids, crystals and much more. If you are looking for the best place to buy ab-21 powder online then you might have just found your top notch supplier for high purity ab-21 powder. We ship to all parts of the world where you can buy ab-21 legal. For suppliers and retailers who buy ab-21 powder to, resell TLC is just the right place for you where you get ab-21 for sale cheap. Don’t hesitate to contact us through any of our contact methods in case you need to buy  cheap

AB-21 as a new synthetic cannabinoid

buy ab-2 powder online which is a new research chemical but has gained much attention in  recent times. Due to the recent ban of synthetic we have gone a long way to replace most of the banned chemicals. AB-21 is a perfect replacements for jwh-o21. Since it’s new clients would like to know how strong it is as compared to the other cannabinoids. They are amazing agonist of both cb1 and cb2 receptors. ab-21  powder for sale online which is also a strong cannabinoids and the best part is since its still new its not controlled yet  prc

Effects of ab-21 powder buy

There have been relatively low documented reports about the the effect of ab-21 powder after taken. This is because it’s is relatively new cannabinoids in the market. Just like other research chemicals for sale this product is intended just for scientific research and on no occasion should it be consumed without prior knowledge of how it functions. buy ab-21 powder online from us and get your order shipped out as soon as payments are confirmed.

Uses of ab-21

As mentioned somewhere in our post ad-21 for sale is strictly for scientific research. People buy ab-21 powder online however have other uses such as making vape and c liquid. These chemicals are not intended be sold to minors and we bear no responsibility if abused.


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