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General overview

5F-ADB for sale. It is a synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist (SCRA) with an amino alkylindazole structure used as an active ingredient of products sold as cannabis substitutes. 5F-ADB has no known therapeutic or medical use. In different regions it is being used and abused for non-medical purposes. Furthermore, some countries have put 5F-ADB under national control. When smoked, 5F-ADB produces cannabimimetic effects like Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Doses needed to produce these effects are lower than for THC Many of the risks linked to cannabis use are also present in the case of 5F-ADB, among them complications in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and triggering of acute psychosis. 5F-ADB for sale

Brief history of 5F-adb

5F-ADB (also known as 5F-MDMB-PINACA) is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid from the indazole-3-carboxamide family, which has been used as an active ingredient in synthetic cannabis products and has been sold online as a designer drug. 5F-ADB was first identified in November 2014 from post-mortem samples taken from an individual who had died after using a product containing this substance. Subsequent testing identified 5F-ADB to have been present in a total of ten people who had died from unexplained drug overdoses in Japan between September 2014 and December 2014. 5F-ADB is believed to be extremely potent based on the very low levels detected in tissue samples, and appears to be significantly more toxic than earlier synthetic cannabinoid drugs that had previously been sold. 5F-ADB for sale.   Legal cannabinoids drug profile.

WHO Review History of 5f-adb

5F-ADB has not been previously pre-reviewed or critically reviewed. A direct critical review is proposed based on information brought to WHO’s attention that 5F-ADB is clandestinely manufactured, of especially serious risk to public health and society, and of no recognized therapeutic use by any party. Preliminary data collected from literature and different countries indicated that this substance may cause substantial harm and that it has no medical use. 5F-ADB for sale

Deaths involving 5f-adb

In several publications from Japan referral is made to about ten people that have died from smoking a SCRA later identified as 5F-ADB. Unfortunately, no data has been published regarding these cases

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